Item Description Price Price Small Price Large
Egg Roll (2 – Vegetarian)   4.50    
Spring Roll (2)   4.75    
Fried Pork Wonton (10)   6.95    
Fried Chicken Wings (10)   9.95    
Barbeque Pork Slice   7.50    
Fried Dumplings (10)   7.95    
Fried Crab Cheese Wontons (10)   7.25    
Chicken Teriyaki Sticks (4)   7.50    
Barbeque Spare Ribs (4)   9.95    
Fried Shrimp (4 or 8)     6.50 10.95
Dragon Combination Egg Roll (2), Fried Crab Cheese Wonton (4), Fried Shrimp (4), and Barbeque Pork Slice 11.95    
Pu Pu Hot Platter (2 or More People) Fried Wonton, Spring Roll, Fantail Shrimp, Beef Teriyaki Stick, Barbeque Ribs, and Chicken Wings (Each add’l person costs $6.25 more) 12.50    


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